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Inspiration of the day – the week – the year

A lot of people inspires me with there style. And one of them is my sweet friend Sahara I went to technical college (teknisk skole) with. (It’s a school for people who wanna be tailor or just wanna learn how to make clothes.) I went there 2004/2005 (gosh long time ago!) and it was the best school ever.— but back to Sahara. She is this girl there just don’t care what people think about her style. She is the most fantastic girl ever and everytime I see a picture of her or meet her I just get this feeling that I don’t care too, which I love.

When I went to that school I finally felt I could wear what ever i want without getting these crazy look from people who just think my style were wird. On that school people admire that you had your own style and I think that is so important.

I will be back in that time and just wear whatever I want without thinking about how people will look at me!!

Sahara thank you so much for always giving me this big inspiration to be who you are and dont care about what people think.


Spanish Moss Vintage

Christel from Miel mon miel blogged about this online vintage shop.

Check out there vintage shop, new shop and blog, I love it all

I found this earring

Is it a go or a no go ???


5 more to go

Today I have been in US for 7 month!

I have been in Orlando for 2 month already and I think that before I know it I have to pack my suitcases and say goodbye to the most amzing family here in Orlando.

That is going to be a hard!! – But I’m not going to think about that now, insted I will think about all the things I have to do before I go home!

I’m going to have some visit. My neighbors from Denmark, 2 au pair from Denmark who live in New jersey and D.C, One of my best friends and the oldest <3 & My first contactperson from New Jersey are all coming to Orlando.

When my best friend are coming here we are going to skydiving, drive to Miami and get a tattoo and I’m really excited that she is coming here. (Kicki we are going to have the best time ever)

This post is going to be way to long so I will stop it here with a picture of a very cool girl. I would like to wear her outfit today!

You just feel better in pink

Look at these precious beauties

I’m not in Denmark this summer, so I can’t go to “Roskilde music festival” this year but next year I will go and I wanna wear these..

I NEED them.. and then for 27.99 Brithish pound..

Buy them here

I need some change

Do you know the feeling that something new just have to happen??

I’m like that, and specially about my hair. I get so tired of it when it look the same everyday.

I found this picture of Mary-kate the other day and look at that haircolor.. BEANM

I like it’s something between a golden lightbrown and I think I will color my hair that color.

It’s a really warm color which will be perfect for the summer.

What do you think ? Go or no go??


Long weekend

BEANM and then it was thuesday!

I had the best weekend with Ditte. We went to Cocoa beach saturday, made homemade pizza, drinks, watch “Mamma Mia the movie” (One of my favorite. It’s always make me so happy and reminds me about the best family-party ever!)

Sunday we went to St. Augustine. It was a drive on 2 hours so a little roadtrip with good music, lunchbox’, and girltalk.

I still dont have a camera, BUT I will but one in next weekend!!! Now I cant live without one anymore.

Im off from work untill tomorrow so I will go outside and get a tan!

see you later


Strawberry daquiri – Beach – Good music – Roadtrip

You will not here from me before sunday or monday because Im going to stay at a danish au pair tonight.

We are going on the beach today and roadtrip tomorrow.

Tonight we will make strawberry daquiri and dance and just be girls.

Have a great weekend!