5 more to go

Today I have been in US for 7 month!

I have been in Orlando for 2 month already and I think that before I know it I have to pack my suitcases and say goodbye to the most amzing family here in Orlando.

That is going to be a hard!! – But I’m not going to think about that now, insted I will think about all the things I have to do before I go home!

I’m going to have some visit. My neighbors from Denmark, 2 au pair from Denmark who live in New jersey and D.C, One of my best friends and the oldest <3 & My first contactperson from New Jersey are all coming to Orlando.

When my best friend are coming here we are going to skydiving, drive to Miami and get a tattoo and I’m really excited that she is coming here. (Kicki we are going to have the best time ever)

This post is going to be way to long so I will stop it here with a picture of a very cool girl. I would like to wear her outfit today!


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