Inspiration of the day – the week – the year

A lot of people inspires me with there style. And one of them is my sweet friend Sahara I went to technical college (teknisk skole) with. (It’s a school for people who wanna be tailor or just wanna learn how to make clothes.) I went there 2004/2005 (gosh long time ago!) and it was the best school ever.— but back to Sahara. She is this girl there just don’t care what people think about her style. She is the most fantastic girl ever and everytime I see a picture of her or meet her I just get this feeling that I don’t care too, which I love.

When I went to that school I finally felt I could wear what ever i want without getting these crazy look from people who just think my style were wird. On that school people admire that you had your own style and I think that is so important.

I will be back in that time and just wear whatever I want without thinking about how people will look at me!!

Sahara thank you so much for always giving me this big inspiration to be who you are and dont care about what people think.


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