Monthly Archives: May 2010

Miami here we come!!

Im going to spent my weekend in Miami.

We are 6 girls there are going from thursday night to sunday evening and I’m so excited!

we will have so much girly time and I can’t wait..



You can’t become more gorgeous than this


You know you love me, xoxo Gossip Girl

Im sitting and watching Gossip Girl and gosh I love it.

Im a little bit behind, so I just started on season 3, and arrgh it’s so good.

I will get ready for bed and watch 1 or 2 more episodes.

Night night



Happy girl

Today I’m HAPPY.

I went to the gym for 2 hours this morning and … hmm

I’m just HAPPY

This is not my outfit of the day but I wish it were.

Have a great day everybody



New in / Outfit of the day

Yesterday I bought this new bikini from Victoria’s secret.

Which is also my outfit of the day. I’m laying outside and enjoying the sun.

mmm love m life.

I also just had a skydate with my whole family on my moms side.

There are celebrating “Pinse” and it was so nice to see them all again.

Have a great sunday


Stars to my new apartment

1,2,3 and then I had bought a new lamp for my apartment in Denmark.

Okay I don’t have the apartment yet but I will get one when I go back to Denmark and now I also have a lamp!

The lamp is not very pretty but look what it does

There is no chance that I can live without this lamp.

You can buy it here


Acne atacoma


They cost $599 and I need.

You can buy them here

xoxo love you mom

Look how gorgeous they are

There is one there are selling them on trendsales too so maybe you can get them a little cheaper there.

Size 38 and remember they are called “Acne atacoma”