The most crazy danes I know

I just had a visit by my nabours from Denmark.

They are really the most crazy people I know (in a good way)

I spent my whole weekend with them and we had so much fun.

Saturday we went to Universal.

It was really hard to say goodbye to them yesterday, but I will be back in Denmark before I know it, so I really just have to enjoy my last 4,5 month here in the United State Of America  ;)

I only took 2 quick pictures with my Blackberry, but I will uploade more pictures when they have sent them to me



8 responses to “The most crazy danes I know

  1. Now that’ll just justify how happy are the Danes. You said that you will just visit again before you will knew it. What were you doing in this place by the way?

  2. :) hehe
    Yah Im from denmark and have been working in the US for 9 month!
    First 5 month in New jersey – only 35 min fra New York and now in Orlando:)

    • I don’t know if I would say wow or great! But how’s the life anyway between living in different culture? How friendly are the people around you specially at work?

  3. :) hehe
    Actually when I moved over here I didnt no the culture was that different. I have always seen US and DK pretty similar!
    But its not…

    I were with another family in New jersry and had a really bad experience. The family were treating me like a slave and that made me really disapointet over the US culture.
    Then I moved to Orlando and are now together with the best family. I love them and I know than I still will have contact with them in 10 years – I can just feel it :)

    But when you are working for a family and on the same time are living together with them there will always be some points where you just get a little tired of being there !! but with this family it almost enver happen, it was more with the other family!!

    I would say that the biggest culture “chok” is the the family time they have! In denmark we really ait down and eat together and talk for like 1-2 hours! here you are done eating in 15 min and that is just something i never will get use to!


    • Oh… at least you found the better one.

      Jos, America has a very different culture from the Dansk. But since you’d love your work, you always have the chance to learn more from them. And hey, you always have the choice where to find the place you feel comfortable with. Do you think you will be looking your fortune in there for a lifetime?

  4. Im sure I belong in Denmark – no doubt about that, so no I dont think I have a future in US… you can never say never, but as I feel right now no!!

    Im going back to Denmark in 7 weeks and Im so excited about it:)

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