Save a horse – ride a cowboy

I have a confession to make …

I’m a country fan – and I’m proud of it.

My mum was sure that I would find a cowboy here in the US, get married and live happilly ever after as a cowgirl :)

There was some hot cowboys in Nebraska, but I was only there for one week so I didn’t had time to find the cowboy-love of my life, but Im pretty sure that if I was spending my year there then I would have found him.

In the middel of all my cowboy/country talk I want to show you what I bought

LADIES and gentlemen say hello to my new precious

like them ?? I LOVE them

I went to a country bar named “Pla-mor Ballroom” to dance linedance and I had so much fun. I were dancing with this old cowboy

and here you can see me dance a little bit linedance

I met my hostmoms family on the trip and I had a really good time all week



2 responses to “Save a horse – ride a cowboy

  1. That old cowboy’s name is Al. :)

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