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Outfit of the day – I wish



Wanna do it all again – I think

The World of C is one of the blogs I follow everyday!

The girl behind it is from my hometown and I just love her blog.

She just blogged that she is moving to Paris and when I read the post it just reminds me about when I moved to US!

Just before I went over here I met her at my work and I remember we had a short talk about me moving over here and blah blah and now its her turn! WAUW!

It’s 9 month and 2 day ago since I said goodbye to everybody in CPH airport.. I can’t believe that the time has been runnig so fast!

and now… I’m going home in 2 month!

It has not all been sugar and candyfloss and if you have aksed me for just a month ago I wouldnt do it all over but now!

I would do it!!! – eventhough Im looking forward to go back to Denmark..!

So C have a great year in Paris. Remember to enjoy every second of it!


Purple shampoo!!

As I mentioned I colored my hair blonde and I love it!

Yesterday I went to buy the silver shampoo to get the yellow out of my hair but I found another one insted there should do the same but GOSH! Look at the color

I was a little scared that it will turn my hair into purple but luckely it did not!!!


?? hmm!

Im trying to make my blog more personal!

I dont no what there is missing but something it is!

Is there anything you are missing on the blog ?? Please let me know!

Also .. do you like this theme for the blog or did you like the other one better ??


Not a word

Okay baaaad blogging from my side! sorry! You havn’t heard a word from me the whole weekend!

Friday the girls and I went to “Bliss” again. – It’s a club downtown where girls get in for free and can drink free martinis untill 12!

We danced all night – or untill 2 am because thats the time the clubs are closing over here! Booohoo!!!

Saturday I were together with the girls again! We colored my hair blond and went to a latin club!

Sunday I was REALLY tired so i Just relaxed and then we had a little B-day party for my hostdad and his mum!

Here is a little snap shot from the clubs!

My outfit saturday night

New Bathing suit – H&M $13/top used as skirt – H&M/Shoes – Pieces/ Ring + earrings – Forever21 / Bracelet – a gift from my mum//


Hot as fire

Just did my daily check on the blogs I follow and found these pictures on anywho

I think the pictures are A*M*A*Z*I*N*G!!


Just a daydream

I love this outfit..

It reminds me about Im not going to any festivals this year! boohooo..!

I have actually never been to a festival BUT next year I will definitely go! – I think it will be “Roskilde”!

SO to all of you beutiful people there are going to a festival this year – ENJOY!