Wanna do it all again – I think

The World of C is one of the blogs I follow everyday!

The girl behind it is from my hometown and I just love her blog.

She just blogged that she is moving to Paris and when I read the post it just reminds me about when I moved to US!

Just before I went over here I met her at my work and I remember we had a short talk about me moving over here and blah blah and now its her turn! WAUW!

It’s 9 month and 2 day ago since I said goodbye to everybody in CPH airport.. I can’t believe that the time has been runnig so fast!

and now… I’m going home in 2 month!

It has not all been sugar and candyfloss and if you have aksed me for just a month ago I wouldnt do it all over but now!

I would do it!!! – eventhough Im looking forward to go back to Denmark..!

So C have a great year in Paris. Remember to enjoy every second of it!



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