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Rode Fringe bag

… and I’m in love



A car just for me

For a while ago I saw this car in front of the grosery store and I totally forgot to share it with you.

This is so America and just a car I would love to drive!


Sweet stuff

Summermix from NAMNAM!

When I hear it I’m dreaming my self to Denmark. It’s a warm summernight, I’m together with all my best’s and in my hand I have a cold danish beer! mmmmm NAM NAM!!




I just made a twitter account for my blog, so here you go, you can now follow me on twitter!

To follow me just press where it’s says “Twitter” to the right!!


Can’t wait to rock the world

in my new AA skirt.


Because you are the best

This post is a tribute to my sister Stine!

She is 7 years older that me, but we have a very close relationship.

We have so many memories together and I can’t wait to go back to Denmark to see her again!

She is mom to a little boy William – my godson, and are right now pregnant with another boy there will see the world for the first time in less than a month! I will not be home when she is having the baby, so I’m really excited to come to Denmark and see him for the first time when they all are standing in the airport to welcome me home again!

This picture were taking to the Dolly Parton concert in 2008.

Stine I love you!


Flowers to keep the memory of summer when it’s start to getting cold

Sunday when I bought the skirt I also bought this dress from Forever21