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What a look ?



It’s a beauty

I cant get the picture bigger, but I just needed to share this shoes with you wonderful people

It’s a need! It would look so beautiful on my foot – GOSH!!


Today I did my skydiving! YAAAAAAAH!!

I tried to uploade the video, but I have some problems with it, so I will keep trying and hopfully it will work out.

Untill then here is some pictures! I was AMAZING!! – NOT the last time I have done it!

It’s friday

and of course Im going out to shake my booty with Chrissy!

A little picture from last weekend and then a picture of the outfit i would love to wear tonight!


..days and Im leaving Orlando, have a really quick stop in Atlanta and then I will only be 9 hours and 20 min away from stepping out on danish ground again after 348 days in the stats! WAUW!

I know I write a lot about it, but Its so crazy for me that Im going back in so few days so… sorry and promise it will be over soon!!

I cant wait to share my danish life with you guys.

I became an aunt monday around noon (danish time) to a little Felix and I CAN’T wait to see him and hold him in my arms for the first time!! Weeee

Tomorrow im doing skydiving and gosh im scared right now! Рbut in a really exciteding way!! Hopefully I will be able to uploade the video and that will be my first Vblog!

There will be some few changes for the blog when I go back to Denmark!

I’m planing to start Vblog, there will be a lot more of “Outfit of the day” (Nanny clothes is not very exciting, hehe), a lot more pictures of the make-up’s I’m making and – yah the blog will just be a lot more personal than it is right now!

Big warm hug to my readers

In the name of pink

Eventhough it looks a little cold on this picture I would love to sit on that bench and just daydream for a few hours with a warm Starbuck and a big scarf around my neck!


My best friend just got this ink for at week ago and I LOVE IT!! I have only seen this picture so can’t wait to really see it.! I think it’s really nice!