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English VS. Danish

Im thinking about start writing my blog in danish insted of english because Im back in Denmark and yah I am danish! hehe

But I just wanna know how many english(-speak) readers I have ?? (please write a little comment even if you are danish I would love to know how many danish readers I have too)

Sory about the bad updates but Im start getting sick and I had a weekend with only 7 hours sleep from friday to sunday + 7 hours work!!



I Heart NY

Im watching SATC and gosh I miss NYC.

I just finished season 4 and I just love episode 18 where Carrie and Big have the best date ever if you ask me.

I love her outfit and most inportant the shoes! Its my favorite shoes from  all the seasons and maybe also my favorite episode. I just love the mood. So much love and still sadness because Big is leaving for Napa!

What is your favorite episode ?

Close your eyes, listen and fall in love <3


Old but new

I found these pictures of Abbey Lee when I tried to find some pictures of her and her new blonde hair and I just need to share them with you guys.

I have never seen these before and I just love everything about her look!

Do you like ?


Mink Muffs

I just got this nail polish from my mum.

It’s special but I actually like the color! yaaah lucky me..!


My name is Jose and I can from now on call myself a …

MAC girl!!

Yeeees lovely people I got my dream job! I got a job as a assistance for MAC cosmetic!

Its the job I never though I was going to get and now I GOT IT!! I cant believe it.. IM SO HAPPY..!



The thing I didnt even dare dream about…

happened yesterday

Can you guess what it is ??

Will tell you later!


In the name of blue glitter