In some few hours I will be on my way to Orlando International airport and on my way home to Denmark!

Wauw, Im taking a deab breat, the tears are runing and WAUW! It has been a year with a lot of experience. Good and bad, but I have choosen to leave the bad ones over here and only take the good ones with me back to Denmark! Here are some of the good ones:

  • I have been in NYC every weekend for 5 month
  • Celebrated New Years eve in the streets of NYC
  • Moved from New Jersey to Orlando to a new hostfamily
  • Had visit from Denmark by my parents, nabours, best friend & my cousin and his girlfriend
  • Got a new tattoo
  • I Skydived
  • Been in: Houston (to celebrate christmas with my bigbrother), Kansas City, Nebraska, North Carolina, Fort Laurderdale, Miami and Longboat Key
  • Ate a bunch of cupcakes, donuts, Hot tamales, american junkfood etc.
  • Drinked a lot of Star Bucks
  • Did a lot of shopping
  • Danced my ass of in the streets of NYC and Downtown Orlando
  • Met a lot of great people from all over the world
  • Got a new family <3

I think there is only few things left to say!

THANK YOU FOR A GREAT YEAR – Im teared up with a big huge wonderful american smile because do you know what ?




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