Not The Way I See It, But The Way I Need To See It!

I found this message on The Killing Moon and it started something inside me! I have been in a sad mood the last couple of days and it makes me sad that Im sad because Im sitting here back in Denmark with all my friends and family around me plus I have the job I have been dreaming about getting for many years so why am I sad ??

For a lot of people who have been away from their own country for a while is this feeling pretty normal! but why ?? I dont get it!! All the stuff I have been missing for a whole year do I feel lonely with now! and again the only question I can ask is why??

Im so confused and I dont get it – but I hope I will and I hope it will be soon!

Im trying to hold on to all the good things I have been taking with me from the US – all the things I have been learning about myself, but as my friend told me “Its so easy to get back home and fall back to the life you had before”! I dont wanna do that, so maybe thats why I have all these feeling inside me! I dont wanna be little Jose without any selfconfidence again and always feel like the ugly girl! I wanna keep feel pretty, gorgeous and fabulouse because thats what I am and I need to remember that!

Sorry – totally confusing post but what can I do – Im just a human like you..!.



One response to “Not The Way I See It, But The Way I Need To See It!

  1. Taking the ovwirvee, this post hits the spot

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