Monthly Archives: November 2010


Im really REALLY happy today!

I have listening to christmas songs since 7 o’clock this morning and of some nonexistent reason Im really excited to go to work to day other than I really love my job ;)

We have Lip and Lash’s day and this is my look for today!

Have an awsome day lovly people


P.s – like my new haircut ?? ;)



The time is passing by way to fast

I cant believe its ALREADY over 2 month ago since I left the states.

This is what I have been doing the last 2 month

Spent time with my lovly mum <3

Danced <3

Have had a lot of fun <3

Seen Louise there also was au pair in New Jersey <3

Worked at “Kulørbar”

And the rest of the time… I have been a MAC girl <3


1 2 3 NOW ….it will be

Okay im sitting here, listening to good music and just love my life so much that it’s to laugh of and thats why I will use all this positiv energy I have on something …!!

I have in a long time wanna loose some few kg and now it will be.

Tomorrow I will start to go on the scale, write my weight down, run and make 500 situp’s and 200 back! I have put post’s on my mirror so no excuse that I forgot it and the ipod is pluged in. I will do it from monday till friday and see how it works .. YAAAAAAH


Its a Jose-like look ..